To Your Ideals, Stay True. Be Enslaved by Them, Do Not.

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As I was binge watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a scene reminded me of an an all too prevalent issue among us people.

Our heroes were in a predicament of morality. On a large ship rigged to blow, the fates of everyone laid in the hands of the villain as he stood there with his finger hovering above the detonator. Before him stood the jedi Obi-Wan with his lightsaber and the Duchess of Mandalore with a rifle. Both hold the power to strike him down and save themselves and everyone on board, yet both hesitate. But the threat of the villain hitting the trigger isn’t what troubles them, it’s the very standards and ideals they restrict themselves to in which the villain explains and takes clear advantage of. Continue reading

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Random Ramblings

PopcornWell before I started blogging, I unleashed my occasional ponderings on Facebook using the all too inviting “status update” feature. I seldom used it, as I felt no need to announce whatever I was currently doing. Still, it begged to be used. What I eventually did start using it for was all the silly things that came across my mind during every day life, apparently mostly triggered a lot by food (well, I do love food!) Things that shouldn’t come to mind but, to the very nature of this blog, came to mind to me. I thought it to be fun to candidly post these ramblings as my updates and it seems others at the time did too. About 4 years ago I collected all of these statuses that I could find (I definitely lost some) in the years prior to then and put them all in a facebook note for keeping. Now for some fun, I figured I would post my favorites here in (almost) all their unedited, shameless glory. [SPOILER: I hate saran wrap] Continue reading

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My Cat is My Child

Kika PawPets are family, or at least that’s what they should be treated as. For my wife and I it couldn’t be more true. Our so-adorable-it-hurts kitty is our only child and we love her like so. Unfortunately those out there just don’t see pets the same way. People think pets aren’t capable of any of the emotions humans are. They place them below everything else where in reality, we are all animals in the same kingdom. We share this world, we don’t own it.

Pets are meant to be part of your family no matter what animal it is. All animals are capable of love and appreciation. For our cat, every bit of love we give her she gives even more back which is really no surprise since she once was only a stray looking for a home. Ever since we became that home she has shown her appreciation for it each and every day. For a bit of inspiration I thought I would go ahead and tell the story of how we got our little princess. Prepare for a bit of a long post! Continue reading

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The Higgs Boson, or More Infamously Known as the ‘God Particle’

dawn-1920x1200The discovery of the Higgs Boson is a matter of importance (pun intended). Most probably have never heard of the name or even the more commonly known, yet less popular moniker, the ‘God Particle’. However it wouldn’t be your fault as these things are usually overlooked and are so often overshadowed in the media. Why should you care? You should care because the understanding to the creation of the universe just got that much closer – the Higgs Boson is responsible for all mass in the universe. Now let that sink in.

Although this discovery was first touched upon in July 2012 and then made official in March of 2013, I did not have a blog then to be able to bring this to you. 😉 If there was ever a post to add to my ‘Neglected News’ category this would be it. This greatly defines the kind of content I hope to add to it on a continuing basis. With that aside, it’s never too late to spread the knowledge. Let’s get to it! Continue reading

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