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  • New Site (5/20/2015) - Until further notice, I’m ceasing updating this blog. All my attention will be on my new site http://www.JonRauthor.com which will focus on my current (and future) books along with the occasional blog post that relates more to the overall goals … Continue reading
  • cropped-confucius-1440x900.jpg Creative Quotes (5/9/2014) - “Things don’t happen for a reason, things give you reasons to make things happen.” Ever read those famous quotes and one liners and wish you thought of it? Ever try to come up with one yourself? Sometimes they are so … Continue reading
  • HeaderRandom Random Ramblings – The Sequel (4/25/2014) - Holidays, Hot Pockets and my nemesis: doorways. Good news everyone! Since it seems many enjoyed the first part, I went back to sift through the years of facebook statuses that took place after the time frame of the first round … Continue reading
  • obiwan.jpg To Your Ideals, Stay True. Be Enslaved by Them, Do Not. (3/29/2014) - As I was binge watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a scene reminded me of an an all too prevalent issue among us people. Our heroes were in a predicament of morality. On a large ship rigged to blow, the … Continue reading
  • HeaderRandom Random Ramblings (3/19/2014) - Well before I started blogging, I unleashed my occasional ponderings on Facebook using the all too inviting “status update” feature. I seldom used it, as I felt no need to announce whatever I was currently doing. Still, it begged to … Continue reading
  • KikaHeader My Cat is My Child (3/12/2014) - Pets are family, or at least that’s what they should be treated as. For my wife and I it couldn’t be more true. Our so-adorable-it-hurts kitty is our only child and we love her like so. Unfortunately those out there … Continue reading
  • cropped-sochi-olympics-2014-logo-images.jpg The Solution to Gay Marriage, Abortion and Other Similar Debates (2/16/2014) - In light of the issues surrounding the Olympics in reference to Russia and their anti-gay laws, I thought it would be a good time to shed some light on this topic. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people (and many others) … Continue reading
  • Resistance is Key (2/7/2014) - “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something.”  – Winston Churchill This quote has always resonated with me since I first heard it. It’s a valuable lesson that is so unfortunately forgotten and ignored. Another variation I … Continue reading
  • lollipops 7 Things That Drop That Do NOT Inherit the 5 Second Rule (1/27/2014) - While everything I have posted has been serious thus far, I’m a humorous person at heart. It’s a big part of who I am. So here is something with a bit of a lighter mood. 🙂 (remember, it’s all in … Continue reading
  • Daily Post Choosing a Blog Name: Two WordPressers Share Their Stories (1/22/2014) - Originally posted on The WordPress.com Blog:
    You’ve been thinking about starting a new blog, but you’re just not sure of one thing: what to name it. WordPressers around the world wrestle with this very important question and over at…
  • Thoughts on the Evidence Against A-Rod (1/15/2014) - The evidence that was publicly released can be downloaded from here: http://online.wsj.com/public/resources/documents/ARODMLB01132014.pdf While many people have been all over Alex Rodriguez since the story first broke of his alleged use of banned substances again, I have been defending him. Why? … Continue reading