To Your Ideals, Stay True. Be Enslaved by Them, Do Not.

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As I was binge watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a scene reminded me of an an all too prevalent issue among us people.

Our heroes were in a predicament of morality. On a large ship rigged to blow, the fates of everyone laid in the hands of the villain as he stood there with his finger hovering above the detonator. Before him stood the jedi Obi-Wan with his lightsaber and the Duchess of Mandalore with a rifle. Both hold the power to strike him down and save themselves and everyone on board, yet both hesitate. But the threat of the villain hitting the trigger isn’t what troubles them, it’s the very standards and ideals they restrict themselves to in which the villain explains and takes clear advantage of. The Duchess, a leader and a pacifist of her home world whose struggling to keep the war that has found her away from it , who if shoots him becomes a hypocrite to everything she represents and stands for in the eyes of her people. The jedi, a keeper of the peace that aims to bring evil to justice and not lower themselves to the means of the scum of the universe, one that supports the duchess both ideally and romantically, who if he strikes him down will sacrifice both the morals of their relationship and respect as well as his own values. Either they ruin something important permanently while dying for what they believe in or save those people and themselves in the moment, to fight another day. After all, which is more important? Wouldn’t the choice be obvious? Not if you stick to your beliefs. But is there anything wrong with that? Of course not.

Sometimes situations require you to bend your rules for a greater good. It’s a lesson that all should make good to remember, or otherwise suffer the inevitable fate. True it’s important to hold specific ideals to live by however following them like rules instead of more like guidelines, can prove to have dangerous consequences. We see this problem all too often in things like politics or religion. One of the themes of this blog is the lesson that there is always more than one or two sides to everything. No one way can solve all the problems, but a combination of all can. Too many unforeseeable circumstances prevent any one party from resolution yet our society still insists on living and working this way. A couple of examples: In politics, party’s who represent opposites argue for who gets the right to make decisions on matters that will only ever end up helping part of the people while always alienating the rest in a world that requires a part of all of them to fix it. In religion, those who follow Christianity use the ancient Bible as a rule book, one written so long ago by those who hold only a fraction of what we understand today in a world that offers and requires so much more understanding of humanity.

The point is, sometimes you have to bend your rules a bit based on the circumstances. It doesn’t mean you are breaking your own faith, it just means you are more capable of conquering any obstacles that come your way. It’s a good thing. In a world full of gray areas, a black and white attitude will ultimately defeat you. But remember, gray is is still the product of black and white, therefor your ideals are indeed still intact.

Oh, and what happened to the villain? Did Obi-Wan or the Duchess save the day? Turns out it was neither. He was felled from behind by Anakin’s lightsaber. His goal is the safety of others by any means necessary. It was an easy decision for him, although we all know where his path leads to later… 😉

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Silly, serious & everything in between – that’s me in a nutshell. (Salty too… since I’m in a nutshell I might as well be suitably seasoned!) It’s apparent that I have a different way of thinking and seemingly have a talent for viewing things with a more independent perspective as well as an ability to perceive the objective nature of things more than most. Much like anyone else, I wish for the world to be more civilized and enjoyable for all. I’m full of ideas and love to improve things, and (un)fortunately the world has plenty wrong to offer. I’ve always been a problem solver and I love doing it. My endless ambition plus the urge to defend what’s right and bring reason has lead me to writing. With this I aspire to contribute some good to the world in order to help make it a better place. Regardless, all views are my opinion and not meant to offend anyone. While I seem to have the less popular point of view on things, I don’t represent any one side. I respect all sides and do my best to reflect on all fairly and within reason. I hope readers will find the content on this site interesting, and just maybe, will leave with a little more of an open mind.
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