The True Reasons Behind the Murder of Marius the Giraffe

4ZEuthanasia (noun):

Also called mercy killing, the act of putting to death painlessly or allowing to die, as by withholding extreme medical measures, a person or animal suffering from an incurable, especially a painful, disease or condition.

Or at least that’s what it means to many other countries in the world. This is what the people at the Copenhagen Zoo, which is located in Denmark, called the murder of Marius the Giraffe. Members “euthanized” this 18 month old baby with a bolt gun to the head early Sunday morning on February 9th, 2014 because it was considered a “surplus” animal and considered harmful to the future of giraffes. Do a simple search online and get familiar with the facts if you haven’t yet heard of this appalling story. Otherwise the short version is Marius was a result of inbreeding by two giraffes at the zoo via the Zoo’s fault. Since they are part of a strict organization for breeding that protects the purification of genes in giraffes, they destroyed the animal, butchered it in front of spectators and fed the carcass to the lions. They rejected proposals from two zoos, one in the UK and one in Sweden who put in last-ditch offers to take Marius in, because they wanted NO chance for this animal to ever breed and corrupt future populations. No one said it had to breed, all they wanted was to give Marius a home to live out its life like any normal animal in a zoo. The disturbing pictures of the entire incident can be seen here. WARNING: Not for the squeamish. The fact we even have these pictures just shows how shameless these people are.

One thing I can’t stand is when people read headlines and then assume they know the whole story. Only then to spread the false or misinformation to everyone around them while calling others who do understand over dramatic. This is certainly the case with Marius. So much so I felt the need to explain what the real issues are with this story to at least spread a little more awareness and truth of this ridiculous ordeal. The number one misguided criticism I am seeing from people is from those who think this whole thing is simply about feeding the meat to the Lions of the zoo.

European Breeding Programs

This is NOT about using the meat to feed the animals. That’s what the headline readers think. Don’t be like them, be informed. This is about how they handled their mistake and most importantly their membership of the European Endangered Species Programme, which is the most intensive type of population management for a species kept in European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) zoos. This is the polite way they explain what it means to be a member:

“As a member of EAZA you agree to the following rules of not selling animals, working on a scientific basis and ensuring animal welfare. The international breeding programmes are fully controlled and open and are collaborations between institutions that follow from the same set of rules. This is important for the breeding programmes to work.”

However they neglected to include the most important words at the end which is by any means necessary. This European Breeding Group believes in the eradication of anything that stands in the way of purification. You know who else believes in such a way of thinking? People who commit genocide. It wasn’t about killing so the Lions had food, that was just a convenience. It’s about the animal being murdered because they believe they HAVE to kill it to prevent ANY incorrect genetic mutation possibility as if they are mother nature/god themselves. They declined giving the animal to another zoo because they did not trust they would not let it breed. They feel it is their duty to destroy the animal because it has ANY chance of breeding in the future. Mobsters like to call this “tying up loose ends”.

The Copenhagen Zoo’s Defense

This is the defense of the Zoo. As you read the article you will find just how ancient minded and backwards thinking this organization really is. When asked about contraceptives, they choose to “let them breed naturally.” How’s that for a contradiction? If they are part of an ultra serious breeding program where the main goal of preserving natural copulation between non-related members of giraffes, why would they ever allow the environment for the exact opposite to happen? Their idea of taking responsibility was killing the animal outright. Perhaps this organization should be reevaluated to allow these animals who are victims of these “accidents” to be spayed or neutered and transferred to another zoo if possible. Under these conditions it’s only a matter of time for this to happen again. I’m almost certain this is not the first case but perhaps the first one being strongly noticed.

You can express your displeasure here courtesy of Orange for Animal Cruelty Awareness through They have been on top of this movement for awhile and campaigned strong against the matter. Unfortunately it ended in vain and the result was the cruel death of Marius the baby giraffe. However this hasn’t stopped them, and they continue to press hard. Lend your support and let your voice be heard if you disagree with what happened – believe me, these petitions mean a lot and are very successful in making a difference.


About Jon R.

Silly, serious & everything in between – that’s me in a nutshell. (Salty too… since I’m in a nutshell I might as well be suitably seasoned!) It’s apparent that I have a different way of thinking and seemingly have a talent for viewing things with a more independent perspective as well as an ability to perceive the objective nature of things more than most. Much like anyone else, I wish for the world to be more civilized and enjoyable for all. I’m full of ideas and love to improve things, and (un)fortunately the world has plenty wrong to offer. I’ve always been a problem solver and I love doing it. My endless ambition plus the urge to defend what’s right and bring reason has lead me to writing. With this I aspire to contribute some good to the world in order to help make it a better place. Regardless, all views are my opinion and not meant to offend anyone. While I seem to have the less popular point of view on things, I don’t represent any one side. I respect all sides and do my best to reflect on all fairly and within reason. I hope readers will find the content on this site interesting, and just maybe, will leave with a little more of an open mind.
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8 Responses to The True Reasons Behind the Murder of Marius the Giraffe

  1. Wordsgood says:

    Well done!

    This is a great piece. It’s well written and contains good information.

    Personally speaking, I nearly puked when first hearing about poor Marius. Eugenics is a perfect way to describe what they’ve done. 😦

    p.s. Love your site. 🙂

    • Jon R. says:

      Thanks! I’ve actually never heard the term eugenics until after I wrote this and saw others using it. Wish I did as I definitely would have used it! Had no idea there WAS a word for it all. It’s indeed perfect.

  2. I”ve signed all the petitions I could find to sack the CEO.

    I would also sign one to close the zoo if there was one.

    This whole idea is nothing but eugenics. It is disgusting, sick and frightening.

    • Jon R. says:

      Agreed. Even though probably all the zoos involved in those programs do it, I wouldn’t mind if he was made an example of and got removed/shut down. Perhaps that will open the eyes of those other zoos involved with these practices.

  3. Linda Dezotelle says:

    signed and shared in complete disgust and heartbreak

  4. Steven says:

    Petition signed.

  5. Patricia says:

    My thoughts exactly on the issue, Great article…
    thank you

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