Xbox One vs PS4: Console War Propaganda

xbox-one-playstation-4-signThere is NO console war.

This is what they want you to believe is happening. This is what they want you to keep fighting for. Who you may ask? Well who else, our frienemies the media of course. Where the only way we can get our facts is covered in manipulative crap. They understand the internet and use it against itself, fueling the raging fires of radicals, or more commonly referred the derogatory term “fanboys“. Gamers should understand who I’m talking about. Every time you see the phrase console wars the troops are being rallied and tons of money is being made through clicks. Have I made my point yet? Of course, so let’s move on.

To be clear, the so called “console wars” don’t even refer to the consoles themselves. It refers to the extremist fans. Sony and Microsoft are not waging a war, it’s the general angry public. Playstation and Xbox are nothing but platforms. They don’t hold the same power as the games themselves do. Plus, with a war you essentially pick one side where in fact, many people actually purchase both. Sure they are competitors but don’t confuse competition for war. Gamers are a united consumer and Microsoft and Sony are somewhat restricted to certain business practices and aspects that must be catered to the developers of the games who supply to both consoles. Their fates are forever entwined. They can only compete to a certain extent.

Subject of articles may include sales, performance or policies. Anything that can compare is turned into something demeaning. What is actually something that gives gamers a choice is made to look as a failure compared to the other. We as consumers benefit from choices so why would a “war” be happening? Why would we want to eradicate the other? Take articles like this with a grain of salt. The media using the subject of sales is the most drama worthy because it speaks directly. Based on sales, to call either side “losing” is ridiculous as it’s still way to early. We are not even beyond the Xbox 360 and PS3 yet (I don’t mean in technology terms, for the record). They are both still going to be supported for the next 1-2 or so years. Until games cease to be made for both and until Microsoft and Sony stop related services for those consoles we are not beyond them. Until we move on from those none of these articles even matter. There is no data to support any of it until Xbox One and PS4 exclusive to that platform titles are released. No, not exclusive titles, I mean where the same games aren’t released for the xbox 360 and PS3. It also takes years for a console’s true potential to be shown which all developers and designers have spoken of and are aware of that fact. These articles however, don’t have a clue. But that’s the purpose… to pull readers in. So don’t fall for the propaganda.

Sales currently are never final. People buy both or sell one and get the other constantly over the lifetime of these consoles. The numbers can change at any time. Only after a few years pass can the numbers be better judged because by then everything should be mostly at it’s best for this generation. But both are allowed to be successful – one making slightly less money than another doesn’t automatically make it a failure or a loser. In 2013 PS4 sold 4.2 million units and Xbox One sold 3 million units. How do people call this a failure by Microsoft? By that logic, the fact Xbox 360 led PS3 in sales for years must mean PS3 was a failure too right? But that’s internet logic. It’s a win/win for consumers for being able to have a choice and to have competitors to help move the technology forward as a whole.

What these articles create is an atmosphere where people pretend like only one can exist or that it’s impossible for both to be successful. Both are successful and one system will always serve better to one consumer or another. So buy the one that bests fits your preferences. It doesn’t mean you are taking sides and it definitely doesn’t mean you are like any of those other elitists who pointlessly fight for the one you choose. Just because they don’t understand it’s possible to choose one and respect the other doesn’t mean you are a part of the nonsense. Remember, this is all about those overly angry, temperamental fans. You know, those people.

Click the image at the top for a typical article that exemplifies what I’m talking about. The comments on these type of articles will make you shake your head.


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