Take Back Home – Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)

Daily Prompt: BYOB(ookworm)
This is in reference for the Daily Post prompt of the day, about writing the blurb for the book jacket of the book I’d write or writing:

A man faces conviction of a crime in one of the most publicly covered and well known trials in years. He fights for the safety of the people yet is accused of making it worse. There is a waging war on gun violence and how to handle it. He proposes a way although while his goals are righteous, his means are described as controversial.

All across America, mass shootings and massacres constantly inundate the news faster than you can finish mourning the last one. Innocent people are dying by ruthless, disabled minded domestic terrorists. People are increasingly pushing for stricter gun regulations and laws and ultimately better overall safety. Debates about gun control are heated and are one of the most controversial topics in years. One side imposes the 2nd amendment with the right to bear arms and the other side proposes stricter laws and even banishment.

This ordinary man full of unordinary ideas succeeded in finding a middle ground by starting a new organization. It’s much like a neighborhood watch, but where its reach extends far beyond just your own community. Through it he found a way to help give civilians and innocents back the peace of mind that is currently held by fear of simply allowing themselves or their children to leave the house. Citizens deserve the right to be able to protect themselves, their friends and family and their way of life. Police can’t be everywhere but citizens are. Members act as extra eyes and ears to police yet are prepared for the deadliest of situations. Armed with pistols loaded with the safer less than lethal ammunition, they increase the chances of someone being in the right place at the right time in case another deranged individual initiates a shooting. This organization has come to be known as the Civilian Protection Association of America, or more commonly referred to as the CPAA. Just a bit over a year after its initial start, disaster strikes this once optimistic plan. Can the man that started it all, who now stands on trial facing the end of the CPAA prove his innocence or has his judgment been clouded and blinded him to the truth?


About Jon R.

Silly, serious & everything in between – that’s me in a nutshell. (Salty too… since I’m in a nutshell I might as well be suitably seasoned!) It’s apparent that I have a different way of thinking and seemingly have a talent for viewing things with a more independent perspective as well as an ability to perceive the objective nature of things more than most. Much like anyone else, I wish for the world to be more civilized and enjoyable for all. I’m full of ideas and love to improve things, and (un)fortunately the world has plenty wrong to offer. I’ve always been a problem solver and I love doing it. My endless ambition plus the urge to defend what’s right and bring reason has lead me to writing. With this I aspire to contribute some good to the world in order to help make it a better place. Regardless, all views are my opinion and not meant to offend anyone. While I seem to have the less popular point of view on things, I don’t represent any one side. I respect all sides and do my best to reflect on all fairly and within reason. I hope readers will find the content on this site interesting, and just maybe, will leave with a little more of an open mind.
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