Thoughts on the Evidence Against A-Rod

Alex RodriguezThe evidence that was publicly released can be downloaded from here:

While many people have been all over Alex Rodriguez since the story first broke of his alleged use of banned substances again, I have been defending him. Why? Because it is not fair to (his past usage aside) damn someone without seeing the evidence. This country IS supposed to be about innocent until proven guilty, or at least our legal system is, however it seems the people of this country have regressed back to the days of stoning to death at first whim of a pointed finger or outspoken lie. But what everyone must learn to do, is ask “what if” sometimes. Keep that in mind when reading this post.

Too often people run with whatever the media tells them without ever thinking for themselves. They read a headline and then think they are informed. But that’s what the media WANTS you to do and it works all too well. That’s how they make their money. They pull you in with the most scandalous words they can think of. Half the time people neglect to even read an entire article yet when presented with facts that go against their view, they rather refuse them and continue to go down that one track path aggressively expressing their discontent. But I digress, although the media is a huge issue when it comes to high value targets such as A-Rod and how relative his bad reputation is related to it, I could be here all day writing an essay on everything that’s wrong with the media.

I wanted evidence before I could make a judgement. Too many questions came to mind to come to any conclusions. Why is Alex fighting it so hard? Who is this suspicious Anthony Bosch fellow? Just how concrete are these documents? Are the accusations against Bud Selig wanting to make an example of A-Rod in order to fulfill his less than stellar legacy in the fight against banned substances accurate? To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised on that last one. Substance abuse has gotten out of control over the past 2 decades and he is scrambling to regain that control. What better way than to use baseball’s highest profile star and publicity magnet as his ace? A-Rod’s past use and unpopularity is already enough where it would just make it easy to make that example of him. People easily believe the only players using are those being caught. When in reality, many players are probably using. This goes for any sport. In baseball, the banned substance list has been growing over the past 20 years. Stuff players have always used were ok one day but banned the next. The only thing actually changing in baseball are the policies. Can you really believe the rest of the players are clean? These scandals of course won’t stop. Despite the fact these players are indeed violating policies, it’s still a bit unfair that so many people perceive this as a black and white issue when it simply is not.

I ask everyone, what if Bosch’s story about A-Rod’s inclusion and the documents were fabricated, and that his name was added for convenience to the list of the other stars already proven guilty? Doesn’t it provide a perfect opportunity for Selig and the MLB to fight back? Sports ARE a business and I’m sure these powerful people would do anything to retain an image and the way things are done. All I’m saying is you never know. Bosch was payed off by the MLB for his cooperation in exchange for FULL immunity for all his wrongdoings, which also included the MLB paying for legal fees, personal security and protecting him from any player making a claim against him in the future. Does that not shout desperation? So even if they did somehow forge the documents and fabricate the emails and text messages, he can never be touched. This was one of Alex’s main issues with the lawsuit itself. But he seems to be playing just as dirty.

A-Rod didn’t testify against anything brought against him, which left the arbitrator no choice but to respect the recorded evidence, and led to the ruling of his suspension of the 2014 season. That definitely sounds guilty, although by law is no grounds to convict someone. Whether he used or not, could he just be using this fight to go after the MLB and his suspicion of foul play? It’s obvious him and Selig have gotten personal. He may actually have some merit there. But if it’s also true he tried to obstruct the documents from getting released, well that’s damning too. Regardless, both sides are playing dirty though, that’s the point.

Rodriguez still has some points though. He contends the evidence is not enough since no hard proof of him using has been presented. Like I said before, what about those documents being fabricated? The evidence stacks up, but the MLB have the funds to find the people to easily create such things. There is still no HARD proof which is why Alex is taking this to federal court. Although past events were shown of players being found guilty without any positive tests, either. It’s rare but has happened. But still, you can’t displace the possibility. It’s a dirty world we live in. Once thing for sure, there are many layers to this whole thing. The suspension policies being one, the personal agendas of A-Rod VS Selig, and the MLB against the entire sports and the use of banned substances.

Based on the evidence released and after reading through it, it’s hard for me to defend Alex Rodriguez as much as I did. But no final judgement will be seen from me until this is all over and all truths have come to light. My suggestion to all is this: I urge everyone to think of all the possibilities before condemning ANYONE in life, and to just think fairly on such matters before expressing your outrage. Especially when the media tries so hard to create more drama and conflict than is necessary. Understand both sides, research your questions and come to your own educated conclusions before jumping on the hate train. Don’t just believe everything you read in the headlines. That’s all I’m saying.

Keep an open mind, folks.


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