New Site

Until further notice, I’m ceasing updating this blog. All my attention will be on my new site which will focus on my current (and future) books along with the occasional blog post that relates more to the overall goals of my writing. Posts that fit that were transferred over from this blog as well, creating a much more individualistic approach on the new site. Thank you for following, and feel free to follow me there! 🙂

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Long Story Short: Book Published!

NewCoverAlthough it’s been like a year since my last post (and let’s be honest, since I ran out of ‘gas’) I feel I owe it to this blog to make this announcement and share the news. This place after all, helped me express my excitement to my new turn in life. But the cause of my absence is nothing surprising to anyone who writes – life got busy, life went by too fast to even slow down for a moment to write about something, life got exhausting and depressing… I’m sure I don’t need to explain this to anyone. Everyone has been there. But the one positive thing that became the result of all that was finishing writing, editing and publishing my book on Amazon.

Yes, I ventured into the ebook world and became yet another aspiring self-published “author.” I use that term loosely because I don’t yet feel like I can consider myself one yet. I mean let’s be honest, ANYONE can publish ANYTHING on Amazon. It’s a flooded market but I dove head first in anyway. I already had a couple of posts about the book here and not much has changed. The “working title” persisted, and the book is officially called Take Back Home. Continue reading

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Creative Quotes

“Things don’t happen for a reason, things give you reasons to make things happen.”

Ever read those famous quotes and one liners and wish you thought of it? Ever try to come up with one yourself? Sometimes they are so obvious and simple you wonder why its not more common for other people to think of and why so many people fail to follow these obvious truths? This quote is my contribution. It’s something I always believed in but never had the words to describe it until it came to me one day. It wasn’t until my irkness over the subject hit it’s limit that I was finally able to comprehend and express it simply. Continue reading

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Random Ramblings – The Sequel

Good News, Everyone!Holidays, Hot Pockets and my nemesis: doorways.

Good news everyone! Since it seems many enjoyed the first part, I went back to sift through the years of facebook statuses that took place after the time frame of the first round of Random Ramblings and gathered those for anyone’s enjoyment. You can read part one here. Continue reading

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